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Orthodox (Aramaic) Text
Conservative Text (with Lieberman Clause)
Egalitarian or Interfaith: Mix and match from Bat Sarah Press original traditional and secular texts
Anniversary Text
Brit Ahuvim "Lover's Covenant"
Write your own 

Helpful tips:
1. Before selecting your text, be sure to show your wedding officiant or rabbi for approval.
2. Typically two witnesses sign your ketubah but you may select to call upon more than two if you choose.
3. Please notify me if you would like to add the Sephardic practice of mentioning the river nearest to your ceremony location.
4. Everyone is welcome here. Whether you identify as Jewish (or you don't), Interfaith, LGBTQ, Agnostic,'re in the right place. Bat Sarah Press is more than happy to adjust our pre-existing texts to fit your needs. 
5. Your artwork and text will not be printed until you approve a final proof


Traditional Orthodox Text

The content of the original ketubah text originates around the end of the Babylonian exile was originally created as a legal document defining a husband’s obligation to his wife in marriage. At a time when women were reliant upon a husband for financial support (among other things), the document established a woman’s right to economic protection. It defined the obligations of a husband to his wife, and provided for her in the event of his death or a divorce.

The original ketubah text is written in Aramaic, which was the common language spoken at the ketubah’s inception.


Conservative Text

This text is approved by the Rabbinic Assembly of Conservative Judaism and includes the Lieberman Clause. This clause was added to the Traditional Orthodox text in 1953 and allows for the woman in a heterosexual union to request a get (the traditional Jewish divorce document). Not very romantic, I know, but in its day it was radical and a way to allow more agency in an otherwise patriarchal agreement.

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Egalitarian / Interfaith / Same Sex Marriage Text

The Brit Ahuvim, or “Lover’s Covenant” was developed by theologian Rachel Adler. This egalitarian partnership model aims to solve a problem many contemporary couples find in the wedding ceremony and ketubah document—the concept of the chained woman. Unlike ketubah, 'Brit Ahuvim' expresses marriage as a joint, egalitarian partnership from the beginning. The Brit Ahuvim is also appropriate for same-sex Jewish marriages. This declaration proclaims that both parties partake freely in joining their lives and supporting one another with mutual respect.

Mix and match from a selection of original Bat Sarah Press text options.


Anniversary Text

Artwork that spells out the pledge beloveds made to one another makes a great gift. Whether you never had a ketubah or you'd like to update the aesthetics of your original ketubah document, anniversary texts acknowledge your ongoing commitment to one another and even make room to acknowledge new additions in your life, like children and grandchildren.  

Mix and match from several original Bat Sarah Press text options.



Write your own! Many couples find it meaningful start from scratch and craft their own ketubah text. You can provide Bat Sarah Press with your personalized text ready to go. In the event you'd like English translated into Hebrew, send us the English version and our professional on staff translator can translate it to Hebrew for you for an additional charge of $75. You may choose not to use Hebrew text at all. As with any text, be sure to check with your officiant before committing to a text.