How are custom works priced?

Prices start at a base number and packages are customizable to your preferences.

Every custom piece starts at the base price of $1,000. Ala carte options such as handwritten text (add $400), size, extra labor,  and shipping costs may increase the base price.

An initial consultation and brainstorming conversation comes free of charge for any potential client. Once we decide to work together, you will pay a **non-refundable** design deposit through the SHOP to secure your order (this payment will be put toward your final payment amount). You will also fill out a Custom Ketubah Survey and the BSP working contract. The contract lays out the work plan and protects both artist and client. 

(Note: If I don't receive the contract within one week from your receiving it with no additional communication, I will assume you are no longer interested in pursuing the project.)

Once we have agreed on terms and we each have a signed copy of the contract, I will reserve a timeframe of 6 weeks time on my studio calendar wherein I will produce your custom work from sketch phase to completion. 

Production goes like this:

-Initial conversation, sharing of goals for the artwork, you fill in a survey and share 5-10 images that you love or a link to a pinterest board, plus any BSP artworks that caught your eye.
-BSP draws up 3 rough layout-focused sketches and together we decide which direction we will follow. 
-A final sketch is made. Within one week of receipt of the final sketch, the client can request changes free of charge for all changes requiring TWO HOURS OR LESS of labor. Any subsequent changes made beyond this will be made for an additional charge at a rate of  $50.00 per hour.
-When the final sketch is complete, the work is produced, packaged, shipped, or picked up from the studio! 
-Final payment is made to BSP

Pricing accounts for:
Labor costs for design planning , translation of custom English text, materials, intellectual conception, and labor costs for production of the final piece. All custom artworks are one of a kind and are not all priced alike. When I understand the materials and techniques I will implement, along with the estimated time it will take me, I can estimate the price for custom projects.
If you would like a ketubah that is based from my previously designed sketch portfolio, the base prices range from $225 - $600 in price depending on the level of detail and can increase based on level of customization. Choose from items in the ketubah gallery, BSP SHOP, gematria gallery or be in touch to request additional available designs as they are not all available online.

All ketubahs come wrapped securely with a temporary chip board matting in a protective mylar sleeve. This is stable enough to display on an easel during the wedding ceremony.

Ala carte shipping options:
Pick up from the artist's studio by appointment: Free of charge
Delivery in the Chicagoland area: add $25
Payment for shipping depends on weight. This number is determined upon shipment: amount TBD

What is the process and timeline for creating a custom artwork with BSP?

I invite you to engage in an open-ended creative conversation! Two design planning sessions are included in the base package price.** Please allow for a minimum of 4-6 months notice from start to finish to schedule a custom piece. Rush orders (items requested one to two months before due date) can often be accommodated for an additional charge depending on demand and timeframe.

Here's how the process works:

1. The client reaches out to express interest in working with BSP on developing a custom work of art.

2. Given that BSP is available in the necessary timeline, we set up an initial creative consultation. Once we decide to work together, BSP shares price quote and work contract along with timeline agreement. Both parties sign and return the contract to the other. 

3. Client sends BSP the initial non-refundable deposit via check, the BSP shop, or online through Venmo or the "Square" app. Once that is received, BSP will schedule a timeframe of 3-6 weeks (depending on the needs of the project) on the studio calendar. After the first week of the reserved timeframe, the client receives 2-3 initial sketches to select from. These will outline different options for the layout and will be quite rough. 

4. The client fills in a survey so that BSP can collect necessary details about the wedding for the document text. Composition, format, and design details are agreed upon. BSP sends a tighter version of the sketch, the final sketch.**

5. Upon client approval, production of the final work begins. When the work is complete, BSP sends the final invoice and client makes payment. Work is either sent to the desired location of the client or picked up at the BSP Studio. 

**The Purchaser may, within one week of receipt of the final sketch, demand changes, and BSP shall make such changes at no additional charge, for all changes requiring no more than two hours of labor. Any subsequent changes made following these initial changes made per the Purchaser’s request in response to the final sketch will be made for an additional charge at a rate of  $50.00 per hour.

What should I use to sign my ketubah?

I recommend archival pens like the fine tip pens made by Copic or Sakura's Micron line, which you can find online or at most art supply stores. I like the multi-packs so you have several options for the line thickness you prefer.

BSP is focused on creating high quality artworks that combine the poetics of language with elegant imagery that speaks to the client. Materials and processes are constantly evolving, and I am always working to learn new skills. Up to this point I am able to work in the following media for Ketubah and commission works:

-Watercolor painting
-Line drawing
-Handwritten calligraphy (Hebrew and English)
-Screen printed text
-Printmaking (Screen printing, Lithography, Chine Collé/Collage, Painted Monoprints)
-Natural Dyes
-Detailed paper cutting
-Digital collage

Interested in a technique that you don't see on the list? Just ask!

Gematria are made as digital collages, and are archival giclée prints. Custom Gematria can be made by hand upon request. Email me for a price quote. 

What style or technique does BSP work in?

Giclée printing is a type of inkjet printing meant to produce high quality prints with a longer lifespan than standard desktop inkjet printers are able to print. Giclée art prints are executed at high resolutions no lower than 300 dpi and printed on archival acid free paper. Finally, giclée prints are printed using pigment-based inks rather than the dye-based inks found in lower-cost inkjet printers.

What is a giclée print?

What is a BSP
"Limited Edition Print"?

Limited Edition Prints are artworks that BSP has pre-designed but available for customization, or editions that are already produced in full. These artworks require custom text additions, or sometimes nothing at all, to be finished and ready for framing. Find available limited editions at the BSP SHOP or email me for additional design sketches.

Does BSP offer framing services?

On some items in the BSP shop, a framed option is available. Otherwise, BSP does not currently offer custom framing but our pals at Hoofprint Chicago offer a 10% discount for framing on all BSP artworks. Recommended primarily for local orders.

I have also had great experience with Framebridge. If you purchase a frame through their service, BSP                                        would ship your artwork to Framebridge and once framed, they would send it straight to you. 

                                    Let me know if you are interested!

Do you have more questions not addressed here?
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